Testimonial Email

This site is part of www.gotjesus.ws. You can get ahold of me at steve@praisethelord.ws. If you want to have an email that says yourname@praisethelord.ws then go to the page where you can request it. There is a link in the navigation bar to do this. This will help in showing where you are in your Christian walk. It does not make any difference what denomination you belong to. It is the your belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord that matters. If you want one from www.gotjesus.ws please just ask.

Praising Emails

You can mix or match your email addresses in your accounts. You can only have four (4) emails per account. You can as many accounts that you want. You can work out a deal with me if you need a large number of emails for your corporation or business. Please make sure you contact me before you purchase a large number. You can use a vanity email from the city that you are living in and use one of the testimonial emails for your second, third or fourth.

Price listing

The price is $20.00 for the first one, $30.00 for the first two, $35.00 for the first three or four per year. All you have to do is request a user name and password then I will send you the information to setup you email on your computer. It makes no difference on what kind of platform that you use. These will work just fine. If you do not understand what I am trying to say then send me email and give me your phone number and I will call you.