My Times are in your hands

“My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies and from those who pursue me.” (Psa 31:15).

Several years ago I was at the Grand Junction Airport early for my 1pm flight to Denver. I had preached a most glorious and robust sermon to the great delight of multitudes…. (I think there was a total of 130 people in church that morning, but according to the pastor, many suffered with multiple personality disorders — so I concluded that I was actually preaching to hundreds upon hundreds. It’s vain, I know, but such thinking sometimes helps young preachers wax eloquent — at least in their own imaginations.)

Anyway, I was at the airport well in advance of my flight, only to learn that it had been cancelled for some reason or another which never could be fully explained. Well, says I to myself, I could have tarried another hour or so in the affirmations of the Sunday crowd, basking in their appreciation of my words of wisdom — instead of smoldering here in this delayed circumstance.

OK, so they rescheduled a new flight for Denver. It was United flight 3115, and was now scheduled to depart Grand Junction at 3:15 pm. It didn’t strike me until I was on the plane — it was Sunday, March 15 (as in 3/15); I was on flight 3115, departing from Gate 3 at 3:15pm. And I was seated in row 15.

I deemed all this to be oddly coincidental, and out of curiosity turned in my Bible to Psalm 31:15 — and there read these words: “My times are in Thy hands.”

That was indeed a Grand Junction in my life. A defining moment that occurred several years ago, and yet still resonates in my soul with ever-present effects today. There is no need to hurry or worry, for “my times are in Thy hands.” And there is no need to fear, for “what time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.” (Psa 56:3).

My times are in Thy handsGod, I wish them, my friends, my soul I leaveto Thy care.

My times are in Thy handsthey may be., painful, dark or bright,best as seems to Thee.

My times are in Thy handsshould I doubt or fear?Father’s hand will never causechild a needless tear.

My times are in Thy hands’ll always trust in Thee., after death, at Thy right handtime shall ever be!

through other translations of the Bible yielded the following treasures:

From the Contemporary English Version, “My life is in your hands.” The Good News Bibles reads, “I am always in your care.” The Message says, “Hour by hour I place my days in your hand.” And God’s Word Translations affirms, “My future is in your hands.”

Here are a few choice comments from others down through the Centuries. Adam Clarke comments, “The events of my life are under thy control.” Jamison, Fausset, Brown calls it, “the course of my life.” John Wesley puts it this way, “All the affairs and events of my life, are wholly in thy power.” The Geneva Commentary says, “Whatever changes come, you govern them by your providence.” The Targum, a Rabbinical Comentary of Scripture, says, “the times of my redemption are in Thy Hands.”

Albert Barnes writes, “All that pertained to us is under the control and at the disposal of God. We shall live as long as God has appointed; we shall pass through such changes as he directs; we shall die when and where and how he chooses.”

Charles Spurgeon puts his touch to it thus, “The sovereign arbiter of destiny holds in his own power all the issues of our life; we are not waifs and strays upon the ocean of fate, but are steered by infinite wisdom towards our desired haven.”

When situations change and present us with a challenge — this reveals and strengthens our character, and leads us to admire an unchanging God – who supports and comforts us during seasons of change, and profits us greatly thereby. What unshakable faith we possess when once we affirm that God Himself fully possesses our times in His faithful hands!My

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